Stoller opposes costly, dangerous lame-duck legislation

As time winds down on Lame Duck Session, State Senator Win Stoller (R-Germantown Hills) is vocalizing his opposition to Democrat lawmakers’ dangerous push for radical police overhauling plus new multibillion-dollar spending that both state and local governments cannot afford.

“What an eye popping first week in office. On Friday, a massive 600-page criminal justice bill was introduced that will handcuff the police and defund them, yet here we are voting on it on Monday. This is profoundly wrong. Rushing major legislation though with no time to properly analyze all provisions of the bill, is why the performance of Illinois state government is the worst in the nation. I won’t stand for these shady legislative tactics.

“Our state is in financial crisis, with millions of Illinoisans struggling and out of work. Instead of trying to fix our state’s budget and helping to boost our economy, Democrat lawmakers are pushing through legislation that are both dangerous and costly. If these radical proposals are allowed to pass, everyone in our state will be on the hook.

“The citizens of this state have been suffering for months because of the ongoing pandemic. We should be focusing the last few days of session on helping them recover, not prioritizing massive new spending, tax increases and unrealistic legislation.”

Measures being pushed by Democrat lawmakers in the final days of Lame Duck Session include:

  • House Bill 163, which Sen. Stoller has condemned as a dangerous criminal justice proposal that would effectively defund the police and would endanger local communities. This bill’s extreme provisions will make it impossible for the police to do their job, causing many to leave law enforcement.
  • House Bill 2685, which mandates an $80 billion unfunded water program on local governments that will increase water rates or drastically increase property taxes.
  • House Bill 2170, which takes funding away from individual college students and redirects it towards college administrations.
  • House Bill 3840, which will cost billions of dollars while creating unfunded requirements on struggling daycares.

Lame Duck Session is underway and will end January 12.

Win Stoller

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