Sen. Stoller reacts to Governor’s Budget Address

State Senator Win Stoller (R-Germantown Hills) released the below statement following the Governor’s Budget Address:

“Once again, an Illinois Governor has failed to propose a constitutionally required balanced budget that utilizes existing state revenue. The Governor’s budget is $1.7 billion out-of-balanced and uses pretend revenue to make up the difference.

“Unlike real Illinois families and businesses, who have to use real money to balance their own budgets, Governor Pritzker is choosing to use the same failed budget gimmicks of his predecessors to hide his proposal’s short-falls.

“This proposal contains zero reforms and has no plan to finally fix our state’s financial issues. The Governor continues to kick the can down the road instead of addressing the root of Illinois’ fiscal problems, which includes our pension crisis, out of control property taxes and the businesses who are struggling to stay open.

“The Governor shortchanged our pension system by $4 billion when he decided to make the lowest pension payment required by law.”

Win Stoller

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