Stoller hosts area high school students for annual Youth Advisory Council

On November 1, State Senator Win Stoller (R-Germantown Hills) brought together more than 40 students from 15 area high schools for his annual Youth Advisory Council.

“I was incredibly impressed by this group of young kids, and it’s important that not only them but all of us know how our government works and operates,” said Sen. Stoller. “The students had some really good debate, they were well researched, asked good questions, and were passionate about their positions, which was very inspiring to me.”

Stoller hosted the all-day event at Black Hawk East Campus in Galva. Participating students were selected by teachers and principals from Annawan High School, Brimfield High School, Galesburg Christian High School, Illinois Valley Central High School, Kewanee High School, La Moille High School, Metamora Township High School, Ohio High School, Peoria Christian High School, Peoria Notre Dame High School, Peoria High School, Princeton High School, Princeville High School, Richwood High School, and ROWVA High School.

“I think it is so important to be educated and aware of your surroundings, politics, and laws that we all have to follow on a daily basis,” said Annawan High School Student Olivia Goodly. “I believe it is important that the young are educated because they are the future.”

“I eventually want to become a lawyer, so I am very fascinated in the process in how laws are made and what is the entire process,” said Metamora Township High School Student Tatum Pond.

Students started off the day hearing from not only Sen. Stoller, but from a range of guest speakers. In the afternoon, students participated in a mock committee hearing, where they decided the fate of potential legislation.

“Today, we got to see how various roles like Republican Senators, Democratic Senators, chairs, lobbyist, and media would play in the committee process,” said La Moille High School Student Brooke Lovgren. “I really enjoyed getting to discuss and see everyone’s different perspectives on the topics we were talking about.”

Win Stoller

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