Dunlap-Rock Island Trail land transfer heads to governor

An unused and impassable portion of the Rock Island Trail may soon be accessible thanks to legislation sponsored by State Senator Win Stoller (R-Germantown Hills) that passed the General Assembly this weekend.

Senate Bill 84 authorizes the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to transfer unused portions of the Rock Island Trail to the Village of Dunlap.

“This section of the Rock Island Trail is impassable for bicyclists and pedestrians,” said Sen. Stoller. “Currently, anyone using the trail in this area is forced off of it and onto the village’s busy streets if they want to continue down the Rock Island Trail. This is potentially dangerous for both trail users and motorists.”

The Village of Dunlap intends to use the newly acquired land to enhance accessibility to the Rock Island Trail and to expand parking and recreational amenities for trail users.

“With the passing of Senate Bill 84 in both the House and Senate, the Village of Dunlap looks forward to developing the trail within the village,” said Jack Esterdahl, Village of Dunlap President. “This will enhance travel on the trail and help our local businesses. A thank you to Win Stoller and Ryan Spain for their assistance in getting this bill passed.”

Senate Bill 84 passed both the Illinois Senate and House unanimously, and now heads to the governor’s desk.

Win Stoller

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