Stoller: Democrats chose to punish struggling businesses with state budget

State Senator Win Stoller (R-Germantown Hills) issued the following statement after Democrat lawmakers passed a partisan budget:

“When our state should be doing everything it can to help kick-start our struggling economy, Democrat lawmakers have chosen to do the opposite by ramming through a partisan budget that will cut over $660 million of critical job creating incentives.

“These cuts are happening despite the fact that our state ended up having access to $8.1 billion from the federal government and an additional $7.9 billion of unexpected revenue.

“Even with all of that additional revenue and the cutting of key job creating incentives, the Democrat-Majority elected to make already financially strained Illinois businesses essentially fill the entire $5 billion hole our state’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund was left with after the pandemic.

“Punishing struggling businesses with cuts to vital incentives and adding to their burdens isn’t how we will help our business community recover. It is the exact opposite.”

Win Stoller

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